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Ohio Athletic Committee Release Form

With intent to be legally bound, and in consideration of OAC’s permission to allow participation in events, Participant agrees as follows:

  1. Participant, on behalf of himself/herself and his/her heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, fully releases and discharges OAC and its successors and assigns from all rights, claims and actions that Participant and Participant’s above-described successors now have or may have against OAC and OAC’s above-described successors arising out of the event sponsored by OAC.
  2. This release is intended to release all claims that Participant may have against OAC for liability for injuries, damages, or losses to Participant’s person and property, real or personal, whether known, unknown, foreseen, or unforeseen.  Participant understands and acknowledges the significance and consequence of the specific intention to release all claims, and assumes full responsibility for any injuries, damages, or losses that may arise out of the above-described circumstances.
  3. This release is freely and voluntarily executed by Participant after being apprised of all relevant information and data furnished by OAC.  In executing this Release, Participant does not rely on any inducements, promises, or representations made by OAC.
  4. Participant gives permission to OAC to use photographs, audio and video recordings, and facsimile images of Participant, without compensation, for promotional activities.  Participant agrees to hold OAC free and harmless from all claims arising from the use of said promotional material.
  5. Participant has read this Release and understands it in its entirety. 
  6. In the event Participant is not age eighteen (18) years or older, this Release shall be executed by the adult legally responsible for Participant.   Execution of this Release shall be prima facie evidence that this Release was executed by Participant or Participant’s legally responsible adult. 

Ohio Athletic Committee Sportsmanship Policy

In the effort to increase the quality of this O.A.C event, we would ask that you as a coach/parent/fan please read through our expectations on Sportsmanship.

Fundamentals of Sportsmanship

  • Show respect for self and others at all times.
  • Respect the officials. Have the willingness to accept and abide by the decisions of the officials.
  • Have a basic understanding, and appreciate the rules of the contest.
  • Maintain self-control at all times.
  • Recognize and appreciate skill in performance of all participants and tournament staff.
  • Any un-sportsmanlike conduct by a person present at an OAC event may result in a penalty up to and including a one-year ban from any OAC event. If the un-sportsman act is by a coach, parent, family member or anyone connected to a particular athlete the ban could also include the athlete. We will have a zero tolerance for un-sportsmanlike behavior.

Examples of Un-Sportsmanlike Behavior

  • Yelling obscenities at officials, workers, fans, opponents and/or your participant.
  • Abusive behavior directed at officials, workers, fans, opponents and/or your participant.
  • Removal of wall brackets.
  • Allowing your participant to throw headgear or other objects after a loss.

We ask that you hold yourself in the highest standard of sportsmanship. Please set an example for the young men/women whom you coach. Please do not put your participant at risk for disqualification due to your behavior.

Inputting fraudulent data entry could cause a 1 year ban on OAC events.

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