Club Name Abbreviation Type HS Profile
216 Wrestling Club 216A All-Star View
Ada Wrestling Club ADA3 Community III ADA View
Adena Wrestling Club ADWA All-Star ADENA View
Alexander Spartans Youth Wrestling ASY3 Community III ALEXANDER View
Allen East Mustangs AEM3 Community III ALLEN EAST View
Alliance ALL2 Community II ALLIANCE View
Alpha Wrestling Club ALWA All-Star WEST View
amanda clearcreek biddy wrestling AMC3 Community III AMANDA-CLEARCREEK View
Amelia Barons AMEA All-Star View
Anderson AND1 Community I ANDERSON View
Anderson County Wrestling Club ACW1 Community I View
Anthony Wayne Club Wrestling AWC1 Community I ANTHONY WAYNE View
Antwerp Archers ANA3 Community III ANTWERP View
Arcadia ACA3 Community III ARCADIA View
Archbold Wrestling Club ARC3 Community III ARCHBOLD View
Arcs Wrestlling Club ARW1 Community I View
Ashland Crestview ACV3 Community III CRESTVIEW (Ashland) View
Ashland Team Jaws ATJA All-Star ASHLAND View
Ashtabula St. John ASHA All-Star EDGEWOOD (ASHTABULA) View
Assad Academy Youth ASA1 Community I View
ATG ATGA All-Star View
Athena ATAA All-Star View
Athens ATH2 Community II ATHENS View
Attack Team Wrestling Club ATW2 Community II WEST HOLMES View
Aurora AUR2 Community II AURORA View
Austintown Wrestling Club AUS1 Community I AUSTINTOWN-FITCH View
Avon Avn1 Community I AVON View
Avon Lake AVL1 Community I AVON LAKE View
Ayersville AYE3 Community III AYERSVILLE View
Barberton Wrestling Club BAB1 Community I BARBERTON View
Barnesville BRN3 Community III BARNESVILLE View
Batavia BAT2 Community II BATAVIA View
Bath BTH3 Community III BATH View
BAY BAY2 Community II BAY View
Beachwood Elite BEW2 Community II BEACHWOOD View
Beallsville Mighty Devils BMDA All-Star View
Beat the Streets Cleveland CCI2 Community II CLEVELAND CENTRAL CATHOLIC View
Beaver Local BEA2 Community II BEAVER View
Beavercreek Wrestling BKW1 Community I BEAVERCREEK View
Bedford BED1 Community I BEDFORD View
Bellaire BEllA All-Star View
Bellaire Jr. High Wrestling club BJH3 Community III BELLAIRE View
Bellaire Takedown Club BEL3 Community III BELLAIRE View
Bellbrook BBK2 Community II BELLBROOK View
Belpre BLP3 Community III BELPRE View
Ben Logan BLO3 Community III BENJAMIN LOGAN View
Berea-Midpark BAM1 Community I BEREA-MIDPARK View
Berkshire BRKA All-Star BERKSHIRE View
Bethel Wrestling Club BTLA All-Star BETHEL View
Bexley Wrestling BEX2 Community II BEXLEY View
BG Bobcats BGB2 Community II BOWLING GREEN View
Big Walnut Wrestling Club BWW1 Community I BIG WALNUT View
Bishop Hartley BIH2 Community II BISHOP HARTLEY View
Bishop Ready BSR3 Community III BISHOP READY View
Bishop Watterson Junior Eagles BIS2 Community II BISHOP WATTERSON View
Black River Wrestling BRW3 Community III BLACK RIVER View
Blanchester BLA2 Community II BLANCHESTER View
Bloom Carroll Wrestling BCW2 Community II BLOOM-CARROLL View
Bluffton BLU3 Community III BLUFFTON View
Boardman BOA1 Community I BOARDMAN View
Bomber Wrestling Club BOM1 Community I KENSTON View
Brookfield BRKA All-Star BROOKFIELD View
Brookville BKV3 Community III BROOKVILLE View
Brunswick BRUA All-Star BRUNSWICK View
bryan BWC2 Community II BRYAN View
Buchtel Wrestling BUW2 Community II BUCHTEL View
Buckeye BUC2 Community II BUCKEYE View
Buckeye Local Wrestling Club BLW3 Community III BUCKEYE LOCAL View
Buckeye Valley BVLY2 Community II BUCKEYE VALLEY View
Burnett Trained Wrestling BTWA All-Star View
Caldwell CDL3 Community III CALDWELL View
Cambridge Wrestling Club CAM2 Community II CAMBRIDGE View
Canal Winchester CAN1 Community I CANAL WINCHESTER View
Canfield CFD2 Community II CANFIELD View
Canton City Bulldogs CCSA All-Star CANTON McKINLEY SENIOR View
Canton South Wrestling Club CNS2 Community II CANTON SOUTH View
Cardinal Huskies Wrestling CWHA All-Star View
Cardinals Wrestling Club (Delaware, OH) CAW1 Community I View
Cardington CGN3 Community III CARDINGTON-LINCOLN View
Carey CAR3 Community III CAREY View
Carrollton CRT2 Community II CARROLLTON View
Catalyst Wrestling Club CATA All-Star View
Celina Bulldogs CEL2 Community II CELINA View
Centerburg Wrestling Club CEN3 Community III CENTERBURG View
Centerburg Youth Wrestling CYWA All-Star View
Centerville CEN1 Community I CENTERVILLE View
Central Crossing Wrestling Club CCW1 Community I CENTRAL CROSSING View
Chardon JH Club CJC2 Community II CHARDON View
Chardon Wrestling Club CHW2 Community II CHARDON View
Chillicothe Wrestling Club CHE1 Community I CHILLICOTHE View
Chippewa CHP3 Community III CHIPPEWA View
Cincinnati Elite Wrestling Academy CEW1 Community I View
Cincinnati Public Wrestling CPWA All-Star CINCINNATI COUNTRY DAY View
Cincinnati Vikings CVWA All-Star View
Cincinnati Winton Woods WINA All-Star WINTON WOODS View
Circleville CIR2 Community II CIRCLEVILLE View
CJ Eagles Dayton CJE2 Community II CHAMINADE JULIENNE View
Claymont CLM2 Community II CLAYMONT View
Clear Fork Elite CFE2 Community II CLEAR FORK View
Clear Fork Wrestling CFK2 Community II CLEAR FORK View
cleveland wildcat wrestling club WCCA All-Star ST IGNATIUS View
Clinton Massie Wrestling Club CMW2 Community II CLINTON-MASSIE View
Cloverleaf CLV2 Community II CLOVERLEAF View
Club Grizzly-Bryan CGBA All-Star BRYAN View
Club Lehman CLLA All-Star View
Clyde CLY2 Community II CLYDE View
Coldwater Wrestling Club CTRA All-Star COLDWATER View
Colerain COL1 Community I COLERAIN View
Columbia Wrestling Club COA3 Community III COLUMBIA View
Columbiana Crestview Youth Wrestling CCYA All-Star COLUMBIANA View
Columbiana Wrestling CBA3 Community III COLUMBIANA View
Columbus Grove Junior High AJH1 Community I View
Columbus Wrestling Club Cyclones CWCA All-Star WESTERVILLE NORTH View
Conneaut Cougar Wrestling CCG3 Community III CONNEAUT View
Copley Youth Wrestling CYW2 Community II COPLEY View
Coshocton COS3 Community III COSHOCTON View
Court House Cobras CHCA All-Star WASHINGTON (Washington C.H.) View
Coventry Wrestling CNY2 Community II COVENTRY View
Covington Wrestling Club COV3 Community III COVINGTON View
CP Wrestling Academy CWAA All-Star View
Crooksville CRO3 Community III CROOKSVILLE View
CS Wildcat Wrestling Club NPW2 Community II NEW PHILADELPHIA View
Cuyahoga Hts Wrestling Club CHW3 Community III CUYAHOGA HEIGHTS View
Dalton Club Wrestling DCW3 Community III DALTON View
Deer Park DEP3 Community III DEER PARK View
Defiance DEF2 Community II DEFIANCE View
Delaware DEL1 Community I DELAWARE HAYES View
Delphos Jefferson DJE3 Community III JEFFERSON View
Delphos St. Johns DEJ3 Community III ST JOHN'S View
Delta Wrestling Club DWC3 Community III DELTA View
Disabato Wrestling DWA All-Star View
Disciples Wrestling Club CWD1 Community I View
Dodge Knights Wrestling DKWA All-Star View
Dover Wrestling DOVA All-Star DOVER View
Dublin Irish DIS1 Community I DUBLIN SCIOTO View
Dublin Jerome Wresting Club DJW1 Community I DUBLIN JEROME View
Dublin Rocks Wrestling DUB1 Community I DUBLIN COFFMAN View
East Liverpool Pottermites ELP2 Community II EAST LIVERPOOL View
East Toledo Wrestling ETOA All-Star View
Eastwood Eagles EWO3 Community III EASTWOOD View
Eaton Wrestling Club ETN2 Community II EATON View
Edgerton EDG3 Community III EDGERTON View
Edgewood (Ashtabula) EWA2 Community II EDGEWOOD (ASHTABULA) View
Edgewood WC (Trenton) EDGA All-Star EDGEWOOD (ASHTABULA) View
Edison Charger Wrestling Club, Milan Ohio EWC3 Community III EDISON ( Milan) View
Edison Wildcats EDW3 Community III EDISON (Richmond) View
Elder Wrestling Club ELR1 Community I ELDER View
Elgin Wrestling ELG1 Community I View
Elida Wrestling Club ELI2 Community II ELIDA View
Ellet Youth Wrestling EYW1 Community I ELLET View
Elmwood ELM3 Community III ELMWOOD View
Epysa youth wrestling EPB3 Community III EAST PALESTINE View
Evergreen Vikings EVE3 Community III EVERGREEN View
Fairbanks Wrestling FRBA All-Star FAIRBANKS View
Fairborn Wrestling Club FAI1 Community I FAIRBORN View
Fairfield TWA1 Community I TALAWANDA View
Fairfield Union Wrestling Club FUW2 Community II FAIRFIELD UNION View
Fairfield Wrestling Club FWCA All-Star View
Fairland FRD3 Community III FAIRLAND View
Fairless Wrestling Club FWC2 Community II FAIRLESS View
Fairview Park FVPA All-Star BELPRE View
Fairview Sherwood Wrestling Club FSWA All-Star FAIRVIEW (Sherwood) View
Field Wrestling FLDA All-Star FIELD View
Fighting Scot Wrestling FSWA All-Star View
Findlay Wrestling FIW1 Community I FINDLAY View
Firebird Wrestling Club Macedonia FBWA All-Star View
First Capital Wrestling FCWA All-Star View
Forge Wrestling FOWCA All-Star View
Fort Frye Cadets FFC3 Community III FORT FRYE View
Fostoria Wrestling Club FOS2 Community II FOSTORIA View
Foxfire FFWA All-Star View
Fremont Wrestling Club FRE1 Community I FREMONT ROSS View
Gahanna Wrestling GAH1 Community I GAHANNA LINCOLN View
Galion GLN2 Community II GALION View
Garfield Heights Youth Wrestling GHY1 Community I GARFIELD HEIGHTS View
Garrettsville GARA All-Star View
Geneva Wrestling Club GEN2 Community II GENEVA View
Genoa Wrestling Club GEN3 Community III GENOA AREA View
Gibsonburg Wrestling Club GIB3 Community III GIBSONBURG View
Girard GIRA All-Star GIRARD View
Glass City Wrestling Club GCWA All-Star View
Glen Este GLEA All-Star View
GlenOak Wrestling Club GOW1 Community I GLENOAK View
Goshen Wrestling Club GOS2 Community II GOSHEN View
Graham Future Falcons GFF2 Community II GRAHAM LOCAL View
Grand Valley Wrestling Club GVW3 Community III GRAND VALLEY View
Grandview Heights GHTA All-Star GRANDVIEW HEIGHTS View
Granville GVL2 Community II GRANVILLE View
Green Bulldog Wrestling Club GBW1 Community I GREEN (Uniontown) View
Greenon Wrestling Club GRE3 Community III GREENON View
Greenville Wrestling Club GRV2 Community II GREENVILLE View
Ground Zero Wrestling Club GZWA All-Star View
GT Wrestling GTWA All-Star View
Hamilton Ross Rams HAMA All-Star HAMILTON View
Hamilton Township HNT2 Community II HAMILTON TOWNSHIP View
Harrison HAR1 Community I HARRISON View
Harrison Central Wrestling HCW3 Community III HARRISON CENTRAL View
Hawken Wrestling Club HWK3 Community III HAWKEN View
Headstrong Wrestling HSWA All-Star View
Heath HEH3 Community III HEATH View
Hicksville HIXA All-Star HICKSVILLE View
Highland Hornets MS Wrestling Club HDH1 Community I HIGHLAND (Medina) View
Highland Hornets Youth Wrestling HHY1 Community I HIGHLAND (Medina) View
Hilliard Davidson HDN1 Community I HILLIARD DAVIDSON View
Hillsboro Wrestling Club HIL2 Community II HILLSBORO View
Hopewell-Loudon HOPA All-Star HOPEWELL-LOUDON View
Howland Wrestling Club HWC2 Community II HOWLAND View
Hubbard Wrestling Club HUB2 Community II HUBBARD View
Huron HUR2 Community II HURON View
Indian Creek INC2 Community II INDIAN CREEK View
Indian Lake INL3 Community III INDIAN LAKE View
Indians Elite Wrestling Club CSTA All-Star CARDINAL STRITCH CATHOLIC View
Ironton Wrestling Club IRN3 Community III IRONTON View
Jackson Little Wrestlers (Jackson Ohio) JLW2 Community II JACKSON (Jackson) View
Jackson Milton YOUTH Wrestling Club JMN3 Community III JACKSON-MILTON View
Jackson Takedown Club JTCA All-Star View
Jefferson Area JEA3 Community III JEFFERSON AREA View
John Glenn Wrestling Club JGW2 Community II JOHN GLENN View
John Marshall Monarchs (WV) JMM1 Community I View
Jonathan Alder JOA2 Community II JONATHAN ALDER View
Junior Panther Wrestling Club JRP1 Community I WHITMER View
Kansas Lakota Wrestling KLW3 Community III LAKOTA View
Kenmore Wrestling Club KMCA All-Star View
Kenton Ridge KRI2 Community II KENTON RIDGE View
Kenton Wildcats Wrestling KWC3 Community III KENTON View
Kettering Wrestling Club KET1 Community I KETTERING FAIRMONT View
Kings Knights Wrestling Club KKWA All-Star CINCINNATI COUNTRY DAY View
Kirtland KRT3 Community III KIRTLAND View
Kodiak Attack KAWA All-Star View
La Salle Wrestling Club LSW1 Community I LA SALLE View
Lake Blue Streaks LBSA All-Star LAKE (Millbury) View
Lake Catholic Wrestling Club LCWCA All-Star View
Lake Erie Grapplers LEG1 Community I View
Lakewood LKWA All-Star LAKEWOOD (Hebron) View
Lakota East Wrestling Club LAE1 Community I LAKOTA EAST View
Lakota West Wrestling Club LWW1 Community I LAKOTA WEST View
Lakota Wrestling Club LAW3 Community III LAKOTA View
Lancaster LAN1 Community I LANCASTER View
Lancers Elite Hebron LEH2 Community II LAKEWOOD (Hebron) View
Lebanon Wrestling Club LEB1 Community I LEBANON View
Lexington LEXA All-Star LEXINGTON View
Liberty Center Wrestling Club LCW3 Community III LIBERTY CENTER View
Liberty Union LUW3 Community III LIBERTY UNION View
Liberty Wrestling Lib3 Community III LIBERTY View
Liberty Wrestling Club LIB3 Community III LIBERTY View
Licking Heights LH1 Community I LICKING HEIGHTS View
Licking Heights Wrestling Club LHW1 Community I LICKING HEIGHTS View
Licking Valley Wrestling Club LVW2 Community II LICKING VALLEY View
Lima Catholic Wrestling Club LWCA All-Star LIMA CENTRAL CATHOLIC View
Lima Central Catholic LCC3 Community III LIMA CENTRAL CATHOLIC View
Lima Shawnee LISA All-Star SHAWNEE (Lima) View
Lima Shawnee Wrestling Club LAS2 Community II SHAWNEE (Lima) View
Little Eagle Wrestling Club (Bishop Watterson) EAG2 Community II BISHOP WATTERSON View
Little Miami Wrestling Club LMW1 Community I LITTLE MIAMI View
Logan Elm Wrestling Club LKE2 Community II LOGAN ELM View
Logan Wrestling Club LOG1 Community I LOGAN View
Lorain Titans LOT1 Community I LORAIN View
Loudonville LDV3 Community III LOUDONVILLE View
Louisville Wrestling Club LOU2 Community II LOUISVILLE View
Loveland Wrestling Club LOV1 Community I LOVELAND View
Lutheran West Wrestling Club LWW3 Community III LUTHERAN WEST View
Macho Midget Wrestling MMWA All-Star View
Madeira Wrestling Club MDA3 Community III MADEIRA View
Madison Plains MDP3 Community III MADISON-PLAINS View
Malvern Youth Wrestling MAL3 Community III MALVERN View
Manchester Wrestling Club MANA All-Star MANCHESTER (Akron) View
Mansfield SWAT Community Club Team SWAA All-Star View
Maple Hts Mustangs Wrestling Club MMU1 Community I MAPLE HEIGHTS View
Mapleton Mounties MLT3 Community III MAPLETON View
Margaretta Wrestling MTA3 Community III MARGARETTA View
Marlington Wrestling Club MLW2 Community II MARLINGTON View
Martins Ferry Jr. High MFJ3 Community III MARTINS FERRY View
Martins Ferry Wrestling Club MFW3 Community III MARTINS FERRY View
Marysville Wrestling MVL1 Community I MARYSVILLE View
Mason Wrestling Club MAS1 Community I MASON View
Massillon Perry MP1 Community I PERRY (Massillon) View
Massilon Jackson Wrestling Club MJW1 Community I JACKSON (Massillon) View
Maumee Wrestling Club MME2 Community II MAUMEE View
Mayfield Middle School MMSA All-Star UPPER SANDUSKY View
Maysville Youth Wrestling MYV2 Community II MAYSVILLE View
McComb Wrestling Club MCW3 Community III MC COMB View
Mechanicsburg MEC3 Community III MECHANICSBURG View
Medina Wrestling Club MED1 Community I MEDINA View
Meigs MGSA All-Star MEIGS View
Mentor MEN1 Community I MENTOR View
Miami East Wrestling Club MEW3 Community III MIAMI EAST View
Miami Trace MIT2 Community II MIAMI TRACE View
Miamisburg Wrestling Club MIA1 Community I MIAMISBURG View
Middletown Wrestling Club MDT1 Community I MIDDLETOWN View
Midview Wrestling Club MVW1 Community I MIDVIEW View
Milford Wrestling Club MIL1 Community I MILFORD View
Millersport Wrestling Club MPTA All-Star MILLERSPORT View
Minerva Wrestling Club MIN2 Community II MINERVA View
Moeller Wrestling Club MOEA All-Star ARCHBISHOP MOELLER View
Mogadore Wildcat Wrestling Club MOG3 Community III MOGADORE View
Mohawk MOH3 Community III MOHAWK View
Monarch wrestling club(Brookfield ) MBF1 Community I View
Monroe Wrestling MON2 Community II MONROE View
Monroeville MVL3 Community III MONROEVILLE View
Montpelier MPR3 Community III MONTPELIER View
Morgan MS Wrestling Club MWC1 Community I View
Morgan Wrestling Club MGN2 Community II MORGAN View
Mount Healthy Wrestling Club MTH1 Community I MOUNT HEALTHY View
Mount Vernon Killer Bees MVKA All-Star MOUNT VERNON View
Mt. Gilead MTGA All-Star MOUNT GILEAD View
Napoleon Wrestling Club NAP2 Community II NAPOLEON View
National Trail Wrestling Club NTW3 Community III NATIONAL TRAIL View
Neighborhood Wrestling Club NBHA All-Star View
Nelsonville Jr. High NJH3 Community III NELSONVILLE-YORK View
Nelsonville York Youth Wrestling NYYA All-Star NELSONVILLE-YORK View
New Lex NLX2 Community II NEW LEXINGTON View
New London NLO3 Community III NEW LONDON View
New Richmond Wrestling Club NRW2 Community II NEW RICHMOND View
Newark Catholic Wrestling Club NWK3 Community III NEWARK CATHOLIC View
Newark Wrestling Club NRK1 Community I NEWARK View
Newcomerstown NCT3 Community III NEWCOMERSTOWN View
Nordonia Wrestling Club NDA1 Community I NORDONIA View
Normandy Wrestling Club NMD1 Community I NORMANDY View
NORO Wrestling Club (North Royalton) NROA All-Star View
North Akron Wrestling Club NAWA All-Star NORTH (Akron) View
North Baltimore Youth Wrestling NBY3 Community III NORTH BALTIMORE View
North Canton Wrestling Club NOCA All-Star View
north olmsted middle school CFWA All-Star CUYAHOGA FALLS View
North Olmsted Wrestling Club NTO1 Community I NORTH OLMSTED View
North Ridgeville NRVI1 Community I NORTH RIDGEVILLE View
Northeastern Youth Wrestling NEY3 Community III NORTHEASTERN View
Northmont Wrestling Club NOR1 Community I NORTHMONT View
Northmor NMR3 Community III NORTHMOR View
Northridge Wrestling Club NWT3 Community III NORTHRIDGE (Dayton) View
Northwest Wrestling NWWA All-Star NORTHWEST (Canal Fulton) View
Northwest Youth Wrestling Cincinnati NYWA All-Star NORTHWEST (Cincinnati) View
Northwood Wrestling Club NWWA All-Star NORTHWOOD View
Norton Wrestling Club NTN2 Community II NORTON View
Norwalk NWK2 Community II NORWALK View
Norwayne NWA3 Community III NORWAYNE View
Norwood Wrestling Club NWD2 Community II NORWOOD View
Notre Dame Lions NDL1 Community I View
Oak Harbor OAK3 Community III OAK HARBOR View
Oak Hills Wrestling Club OHW1 Community I OAK HILLS View
Oakwood Wrestling Club OAKA All-Star OAKWOOD View
Oberlin Wrestling Club OBWA All-Star OBERLIN View
Ohio Bandits OHB1 Community I View
Ohio Crazy Goats OCGA All-Star View
Ohio Elite OECA All-Star View
Ohio Knights Wrestling OKWA All-Star ARCHBISHOP HOBAN View
Ohio Valley Wrestling Club OVWA All-Star View
Olentangy Liberty OLB1 Community I OLENTANGY LIBERTY View
Olentangy Orange Pioneers OLO1 Community I OLENTANGY ORANGE View
Olmsted falls OFCA All-Star View
Olmsted Falls Wrestling Club OFW1 Community I OLMSTED FALLS View
Ontario ONT2 Community II ONTARIO View
Orange Wrestling Club (OYWA) OWCA All-Star ORANGE View
Oregon Clay Wrestling Club OCW1 Community I CLAY (Oregon) View
Orrville Middle School Club OMS3 Community III ORRVILLE View
Orrville Youth Wrestling Club OYW3 Community III ORRVILLE View
Otsego Wrestling Club OTS3 Community III OTSEGO View
Ottawa-Glandorf Wrestling Club OGW3 Community III OTTAWA-GLANDORF View
Painesville Riverside Wrestling Club PRWA All-Star RIVERSIDE (Painesville) View
Parkway Wrestling Club PKY3 Community III PARKWAY View
Parma Wrestling Club PMAA All-Star PARMA View
Patrick Henry Wrestling Club PHW3 Community III PATRICK HENRY View
Patriot Wrestling Club (MVKWA) PATA All-Star View
Paulding wrestling club PAU3 Community III PAULDING View
Perkins Pirate Wrestling Club PPC2 Community II PERKINS View
Perkins Pirates Youth Wrestling PPY2 Community II PERKINS View
Perry Wrestling (Perry) PWL2 Community II PERRY (Perry) View
Perrysburg PBG1 Community I PERRYSBURG View
Philo Wrestling Club PHI2 Community II PHILO View
Pickerington North Wrestling Club PNW1 Community I PICKERINGTON HIGH SCHOOL NORTH View
Piqua Wrestling Club PIQ1 Community I PIQUA View
Plymouth Wrestling Club PLYA All-Star PLYMOUTH View
Poland Wrestling Club POLA All-Star View
Port Clinton POC2 Community II PORT CLINTON View
Preble Shawnee Wrestling Club PSW3 Community III PREBLE SHAWNEE View
Princeton City Schools Wrestling Club PCS1 Community I PRINCETON View
Prodigy Wrestling Academy PROA All-Star View
Purcell Wrestling Club PCLA All-Star PURCELL MARIAN View
Pymatuning Valley PYV3 Community III PYMATUNING VALLEY View
Raider Wrestling (Columbia JH & HS) RDR3 Community III View
Rams Wrestling Club (Whitehall) RWCA All-Star WHITEHALL-YEARLING View
Ravenna Wrestling Club RAV2 Community II RAVENNA View
Reading Wrestling Club RDG3 Community III READING View
Ready Wrestling Club RDY3 Community III BISHOP READY View
Red Devils Youth Wrestling MRWA All-Star View
Red Lion RLW1 Community I View
Red Machine Wrestling Club Bellevue RMW2 Community II BELLEVUE View
Regulators CYR3 Community III CORY-RAWSON View
Revere Wrestling Club REV2 Community II REVERE View
Reynoldsburg REN1 Community I REYNOLDSBURG View
Ridgedale Wrestling Club RGEA All-Star RIDGEDALE View
Ridgewood Wrestling Club RGWA All-Star MADEIRA View
Riggs Elite Wrestling Club REWA All-Star View
Rittman Wrestling RTN3 Community III RITTMAN View
River Front Wrestling Club RFW3 Community III RIVER View
River Valley Wrestling RVY3 Community III RIVER VALLEY (Bidwell) View
Riverdale RDL3 Community III RIVERDALE View
Riverside RIV1 Community I RIVERSIDE (Painesville) View
Rocky River Wrestling Club RVR2 Community II ROCKY RIVER View
Ronin Wrestling Club RTCA All-Star View
Rootstown Wrestling Club RWC3 Community III ROOTSTOWN View
Sabertooth Wrestling Club/ (Massillon) SAB1 Community I View
Salem Wrestling Club SLM2 Community II SALEM View
Sandusky Wrestling SAN2 Community II SANDUSKY View
Sandy Valley Wrestling Club SVW3 Community III SANDY VALLEY View
Seneca East Wrestling Club SEN3 Community III SENECA EAST View
Shadyside Tigers SST3 Community III SHADYSIDE View
shaker heights wrestling club SHW1 Community I SHAKER HEIGHTS View
Shamrock Wrestling Club Akron SWCA All-Star ST VINCENT-ST MARY View
Shelby SHL2 Community II SHELBY View
Shenandoah SNH3 Community III SHENANDOAH View
Sheridan SDN2 Community II SHERIDAN View
Sidney Wrestling Club SID1 Community I SIDNEY View
Smithville SVLA All-Star SMITHVILLE View
Solon Wrestling Club SLN1 Community I SOLON View
Soul City SCA All-Star View
South Amherst Firelands Falcons SAF2 Community II FIRELANDS View
South Gallia Wrestling Club SGW3 Community III SOUTH GALLIA View
South Point SPT3 Community III SOUTH POINT View
South Range Wrestling Club SRW3 Community III SOUTH RANGE View
Southeast Wrestling Club SOEA All-Star SOUTHEAST View
Southern Local Indian Mites Wrestling SLM3 Community III SOUTHERN LOCAL View
Southwest Select Wrestling SWSA All-Star View
Spatola Wrestlilng Club SWR1 Community I View
Springboro SGO1 Community I SPRINGBORO View
Springfield Blue Devils SBD1 Community I SPRINGFIELD (Holland) View
Springfield Wrestling Club (Northeast Ohio) SWC2 Community II SPRINGFIELD (Akron) View
St.Clairsville Wrestling Club STC2 Community II ST CLAIRSVILLE View
Stampede Wrestling (Byesville) SWB1 Community I View
Start Spartan Wrestling Club SPWA All-Star START View
Stebbins Wrestling Club STBA All-Star STEBBINS View
Stieber Elite Wrestling Academy SEAA All-Star View
Stow Wrestling Club STOA All-Star View
Streetsboro Rockets Wrestling Club SRW2 Community II STREETSBORO View
Strongsville Wrestling Club STR1 Community I STRONGSVILLE View
Summit C Day Wrestling Club SCDA All-Star SUMMIT COUNTRY DAY View
Swanton Wrestling Club SWC3 Community III SWANTON View
Sycamore Wrestling Club (Southwest Ohio) SYC1 Community I SYCAMORE View
Sylvania Wrestling SYWA All-Star View
Tallmadge Wrestling Club TAL2 Community II TALLMADGE View
Team 922 9222 Community II CLAYMONT View
Team Dehart Elite TDEA All-Star View
Team Havoc HAVA All-Star View
Team Hype THWA All-Star View
Team Jackson Milton Middle School Wrestling Club JMS3 Community III JACKSON-MILTON View
Team Lindsey TLWA All-Star View
Team Miron MIRA All-Star View
Team Tech Fall TTF1 Community I View
Teays Valley TEV1 Community I TEAYS VALLEY View
Tecumseh Wrestling Club TECA All-Star TECUMSEH View
The Wrestling Factory of Cleveland TWFA All-Star View
Three Rivers Wrestling Club TRWA All-Star View
ThundHer Wrestling Club TWC1 Community I View
Tigers youth wrestling MTA2 Community II MARIETTA View
Tinora TIN3 Community III TINORA View
Toledo Christian Wrestling Club TOCA All-Star TOLEDO CHRISTIAN View
Tomahawk Wrestling Club Wauseon TOM2 Community II WAUSEON View
Toronto Wrestling TORA All-Star TORONTO View
Tri-Valley Wrestling Club TVY2 Community II TRI-VALLEY View
Triad Youth Wrestling TYW3 Community III TRIAD View
Trimble Wrestling TBL3 Community III TRIMBLE View
Triway Wrestling Club TWY2 Community II TRIWAY View
Troy Christian Wrestling Club TCWA All-Star TROY CHRISTIAN View
Troy Trojan Youth Wrestling TTY1 Community I TROY View
Tusky Valley Wrestling Club TVW3 Community III TUSCARAWAS VALLEY View
Tuslaw TUS3 Community III TUSLAW View
Twin Valley South TWV3 Community III TWIN VALLEY SOUTH View
Twinsburg Wrestling Club TWN1 Community I TWINSBURG View
Union Local ULO3 Community III UNION LOCAL View
Unioto UNI2 Community II UNIOTO View
United Local Jr. High ULJ1 Community I View
United Local Youth Wrestling ULY3 Community III UNITED View
Upgraded Industries UPGA All-Star View
Upper Arlington UPA1 Community I UPPER ARLINGTON View
Urbana URB2 Community II URBANA View
Utica UTA2 Community II UTICA View
Valley Forge Wrestling Club VFWA All-Star VALLEY FORGE View
Valley View Wrestling Club VVW2 Community II VALLEY VIEW View
Van Buren VANA All-Star VAN BUREN View
Vandalia Butler Wrestling Club VBW1 Community I BUTLER View
Vermilion VERA All-Star VERMILION View
Versailles Wrestling Club VWC3 Community III VERSAILLES View
Viking Elite Wrestling VEWA All-Star View
Wadsworth Wrestling Club WAD1 Community I WADSWORTH View
Walnut Hills Wrestling Club WHW1 Community I WALNUT HILLS View
Wapakoneta Wrestling Club WKA2 Community II WAPAKONETA View
Warner Elite Wrestling Club WEWA All-Star View
Warren WRN2 Community II WARREN View
Waterford WAT3 Community III WATERFORD View
Waterloo Wrestling Club WTO3 Community III WATERLOO View
Watkins Warriors WKS1 Community I WATKINS MEMORIAL View
Wayne Trace Wrestling Club WTW3 Community III WAYNE TRACE View
Wayne Wrestling Club WNE1 Community I WAYNE View
Waynedale WDL3 Community III WAYNEDALE View
Waynesville Wrestling Club WVL2 Community II WAYNESVILLE View
Wellston Rockets WGR3 Community III WELLSTON View
Wellsville WEL3 Community III WELLSVILLE View
West Branch Wrestling Club WBR2 Community II WEST BRANCH View
West Carrollton Wrestling Club WCAA All-Star LINDEN MC KINLEY View
West Geauga Wrestling Club WGW2 Community II WEST GEAUGA View
West Holmes Wrestling Club WHW2 Community II WEST HOLMES View
West Jefferson WJE3 Community III WEST JEFFERSON View
West Liberty Wrestling WLW3 Community III WEST LIBERTY-SALEM View
West Muskingum WEM3 Community III WEST MUSKINGUM View
Western Brown Wrestling Club WBW2 Community II WESTERN BROWN View
Western Reserve Collins Club WRC3 Community III WESTERN RESERVE (Collins) View
Western Reserve Wrestling Club Berlin Center WRW3 Community III WESTERN RESERVE (Berlin Center) View
Westerville North High School SHE1 Community I View
Westerville North Warrior Club WNWA All-Star WESTERVILLE NORTH View
Westfall Wrestling Club WFL3 Community III WESTFALL View
Westlake Demons Wrestling Club WDW1 Community I WESTLAKE View
WestShore Wrestling WSW1 Community I ST EDWARD View
Whetstone Wrestling Club WTEA All-Star WHETSTONE View
Whitmer Panther Wrestling Club WPW1 Community I WHITMER View
Wickliffe Wrestling Club WICA All-Star WICKLIFFE View
Wildcat Wrestling Club (Woodmore) WWC3 Community III WOODMORE View
Willard Warriors SCWA All-Star SOUTH CENTRAL View
Williamsburg Wrestling Club WIL3 Community III WILLIAMSBURG View
Willoughby Eastlake WIEA All-Star NORTH (Eastlake) View
Wilmington Wrestling Club WMW2 Community II WILMINGTON View
Winton Woods Little Warriors Wrestling Club WWWA All-Star View
Woodridge Wrestling Club WDG2 Community II WOODRIDGE View
Wooster Wrestling Club WOO1 Community I WOOSTER View
Xenia Wrestling Club XWC1 Community I XENIA View
Youngstown City Wrestling Club YCW1 Community I View
Zane Trace Wrestling Club ZTWA All-Star ZANE TRACE View