Sectional Computer Points Standings

Rankings are updated on Wednesday each week. The tournament you wrestled this past week will show DNP rather than the placement until we update on Wednesday.

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Wrestler Avatar
263 Computer Points
# Name Points City Club
1 Scott Speakman 263 Etna Watkins Warriors
2 River Reed 210 columbus Central Crossing Wrestling Club
3 Cohen Snyder 208 Belmont St.Clairsville Wrestling Club
4 Bryson Bonner 178 Newark Newark Wrestling Club
5 Luke Thompson 172 New Lexington Palmer Wrestling
6 Brody Perzanowski 168 St Clairsville St.Clairsville Wrestling Club
7 Eli Snyder 163 Belmont St.Clairsville Wrestling Club
8 Colt Gamble 146 scio Warner Elite Wrestling Club
9 Aiden King 140 Columbus Disabato Wrestling
10 Jesse Ferrell 131 Lockbourne Disabato Wrestling
11 Mason King 125 Canton Warner Elite Wrestling Club
12 Jacob Willaman 124 Delaware Alpha Wrestling Club
13 William Adkins 122 Loveland Moeller Wrestling Club
14 Kohen Holmes 117 St. Clairsville St.Clairsville Wrestling Club
15 Braylon Leiffer 117 Bellaire St.Clairsville Wrestling Club
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