Novice Computer Points Standings

Rankings are updated on Wednesday each week. The tournament you wrestled this past week will show DNP rather than the placement until we update on Wednesday.

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What are Novice Computer Points?


Wrestler Avatar
304 Computer Points
# Name Points City Club
1 Mackenzie carder 304 columbus Ronin Wrestling Club
2 Kabin Carder 303 columbus Ronin Wrestling Club
3 Kolin Carder 299 columbus Ronin Wrestling Club
4 Alex Judd 244 heath Palmer Wrestling
5 Jackson Snyder 180 Amanda Disabato Wrestling
6 Connor Hockenbery 170 West Jefferson Ronin Wrestling Club
7 Dominic Rogers 146 Cambridge Warner Elite Wrestling Club
8 Tanner Arledge 139 Circleville Logan Elm Wrestling Club
9 Kaisen "KK" Moore 122 Caldwell
10 Jase Myers 121 St. Clair’s St.Clairsville Wrestling Club
11 Cooper Regoli 114 Saint Clairsville St.Clairsville Wrestling Club
12 Cameron Stemm 110 Utica Utica
13 Exzavier Bibart 108 Etna Dodge Knights Wrestling
14 George W. Yates 104 Columbus Alpha Wrestling Club
15 Gavin McGinniss 97 Glencoe St.Clairsville Wrestling Club
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